Colombian Christmas Food

Colombian Christmas meal

Enjoy this new Colombian Christmas package that comes to you by popular demand!  This year we’ve decided to team up with Marlon Duarte of Marlon’s Kitchen, who’s worked with us on a number of events this year, and we have prepared a traditional Colombian Christmas package.
Each package will include:

  • Empanadas made the artisanal way with a shell of corn dough, which gives a lovely crispy finish. These will be made with a beef and potato filling.  Click here for more details about empanadas .
  • Lechona in a form of a ‘cojín’, i.e. layers of juicy pork, rice and pigeon peas, buried under delicious crackling. Vacuum-packed and ready to re-heat in a disposable biodegradable tray.
  • Natilla, a sweet custard that is traditionally served during Colombian Christmas gatherings. There are many variations of this dish throughout the country but this natilla is my mother’s recipe and is very special – she uses a mix of panela, a sweet made from sugar cane, and condensed milk, which gives a lovely colour and the right level of sweetness.
  • Buñuelos, a Christmas treat, these fried cheese doughnuts are also popular year round for breakfast with hot chocolate or coffee.

The different package options are:
Package for 10 ppl, £85:
– 30 Empanadas
– 3kg Lechona
– 1kg Natilla
– Buñuelos, sufficient dough for four buñuelos per person
Package for 4 ppl, £45:
– 12 Empanadas
– 1.2kg Lechona
– 400g Natilla
– Buñuelos, sufficient dough for four buñuelos per person

How To Buy: Please place your order online below, until the 15th of December at 8Pm. As we are only doing a single batch, once we reach our limit orders will be closed. Orders will be ready to collect on 23rd December,  from 26 Arlington Way, London EC1R 1UY . This food requires prompt  collection to ensure freshness.

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Lechona Package


1. How long can I keep the food in the fridge?
This depends od the product. Empanadas and Lechona have a shelf life of 10 days, as they are vacuum packed. Bunuelos and Natilla have a shelf life of 5 days, as they contain dairy products.

2. Can I freeze the food?
Yes. This will prolong its shelf life, but might also result in a decrease in flavour, depending on the product.

3. Are there different package options?
We need to keep it simple to make it work. We have two size options to accommodate different numbers of people, but we can’t offer more options.

4. Can I change a collection date?
Unfortunately not this year. We are only doing a single batch and the food requires next day collection to ensure freshness.

5. Can I change a collection location?
Unfortunately not this year.