Bring the tropical taste of Latin America to your event

Latin American Drinks & Cocktails

There are times when the occasion calls for more than just exquisite food and service. We can bring you our selection of the best wines from both Latin America and Europe. We have also created an exciting and glamorous Latin American cocktail menu as well as a range of exotic soft drinks for both grownups and children

We are expert in matching wines to menus & budgets and are also happy to serve your drinks. We are fully licensed and, for your convenience, can apply for event licences on your behalf.


The caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. Its main ingredient is cachaça, the national spirit of Brazil and third most consumed spirit in the world. The classic Caipirinha is made with fresh lime. Or, make a Fresh Fruit Caipirinha with your favorite in-season...

Circus Party with Circolombia

Sabor is very proud to support Salida Productions on a Circus Party this 3rd of May, from 7.30 pm till 2am, at the Old Vic Tunnels, in Waterloo, Leake Street Entrance, London SE1 8SW Circus Party is an exciting fundraising event that will include DJ’s, Colombian food...


Sangria comes from Spain, and was brought over to the Americas by the conquistadors along with rape and Catholicism. It is essentially a wine punch made with red wine, sugar, brandy, and fruit juice. Usually you add pieces of fruit to the mix and let it soak...