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Familia Cuartas Alvarez

This farm has been within the Cuartas-Alvarez family, and passed from generation to generation, for more than 70 years. I took over the running of it in 2005, just before my father died. I was inspired to carry on this tradition by a huge affection for this land, where I was born and raised and spent a great deal of my life, even though at that time I was living in London and running my own restaurant there.

After my father’s death, and influenced by the speciality coffee scene that I’ve experienced through my professional life in Europe, I was motivated to change the way of production on the farm to implement clean and sustainable agricultural practices. I’ve ensured that we are currently working in an entirely organic manner, including the processing and the drying.

As a family we believe that in life nothing has meaning unless you put passion into it. In our case our passion is for the production of an excellent quality coffee which showcases the flavour of this region. For many years we produced coffee to sell to the local coffee federation, but this year we’ve been really encouraged by the very high scores we’ve been getting in sample tastings. We are now working on the fermentation process to improve the flavour even further.

Our Mission

For all the members of the Cuartas Alvarez family, being the third generation in charge of Finca Las Cruces, our aim is to carry on with the family tradition of sustainable agriculture; cultivating the best quality coffee; and being able to carry on offering employment to the local community, and supporting education projects for the workers and their families.

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