Food & Catering

We know how to have fun with food, from the hob to the job, and we want to bring the party to you.

Our Catering Services can provide innovative exciting range of canapés, small dishes and full meals featuring dishes from not only every region of Latin America but also examples of the best French and Mediterranean cuisine.

Every menu we create is designed to work for you, your guests and your occasion, no two are the same, and our large repertoire encompasses the range of recipes for which we became famous at Sabor restaurant.

Our dishes are not overly fussy or complex as we let the ingredients shine through. We love our early morning trips to London’s markets as we seek out the exceptional produce required for our chef’s skilled preparations.

For larger events and contracts we can arrange tastings to ensure you have exactly the menu you want. We can accommodate all dietary needs

The dinner was lovely, thank you very much, everything worked out very well

B Bondi

Firstly, I wanted to say that the food was amazing – incredibly fresh, superb textures and flavours, a great pleasure to eat. I would thoroughly recommend the food to anyone.

T Dolphin

Plantains – Platanos

Plantains – Platanos

What is plantain? This is one of the most frequent questions I get asked, every time I put a menu down. In my own style I describe it as a starchy banana and get on with the food order. It is about time that I offer a public apology to those lovely customers,...