40th Birthday Party

Special 40th with a Burlesque feel, sit-down meal and cabaret


Organising a birthday celebration, inviting a group of friends, not all of whom had met before. The client wanted a theme party, the choice was Burlesque, a bit risqué for a group of strangers we thought!  She also wanted a sit down meal and a party, that was easy, but when we got to see the venue, an office space, we thought we may encounter a few obstacles.

We rose to the challenge though of transforming that into a cabaret-disco space, with a dining area, bar area and a temporary kitchen.

Guests were welcomed by the cabaret compere, cocktails and canapés, followed by a special six course tasting dinner.  They were entertained by the beautiful Eva Mansfield burlesque show and Bassey Bewitched, with the magic of Dame Shirley, and then danced and enjoyed themselves until the early hours of the morning.

Photos courtesy William Eckersley, who is a great event and location photographer.