Lechona  (Colombian Style stfuffed Pork)

Lechona is a traditional dish, originally from the Tolima and Huila departments in the centre of Colombia, this recipe arrive with the Spaniards during the Spannish conquest in the XVI Century.

This popular dish (not suckling pig as it’s often translated, but a more mature animal) consists of a whole pork, is cut open, where the skin, the meat and the ribs are separated and seasoned, them stuffed with rice, along with pork meat cut into small pieces, peas, herbs and spices to fill the skin and to place it to an oven ideally brick oven for about ten to twelve hours to achieve a good roast and crunchy skin..

Lechona is often served on special occasions when our extended families gather to celebrate weddings, baptisms, Christmas and New Year especially when the numbers at the party have outgrown the plan – which is typically the case!