Sangria comes from Spain, and was brought over to the Americas by the conquistadors along with rape and Catholicism. It is essentially a wine punch made with red wine, sugar, brandy, and fruit juice. Usually you add pieces of fruit to the mix and let it soak overnight. But a I think it works best if you add the fruit at the end so it retains most of the fruit’s flavor and color.

Sangria ingredients:

For approximately 1½ litres of Sangria
1 bottle of red wine

Brandy or Bacardi or Vodka
Marnier or Cointreau

Lemon, orange and apple




Into a punch bowl or a large jug pour 1 bottle of red wine and more or less the same amount of lemonade (in Spain they use gaseosa). The quantity of lemonade depends on your taste. Add a good amount of ice.

Wash the fruit well as you are going to being using the peel as well. Then slice up the citrus fruits, chop the apples and add to the mix.

You can stop at that if you want a light drink but if you want a zing add a shot of Brandy, Bacardi or Vodka and a shot of Grand Marnier or Cointreau. This is up to you and you may want to experiment with it to find what you like.Spanish people often add a little sugar but again this depends on your taste, personally I think a little sugar enhances the flavour.