Mario Galeano Quantic- Picture by B

We are delighted to offer our customers and Colombiagers the opportunity to win:

– An original copy of ONDATROPICA’s first album. See the Album teaser HERE.
– A delicious dinner for two at London’s leading Latin American restaurant SABOR in Islington.
To enter participants simply have to send an email to INFO@COLOMBIAGE.COM with the correct answers to the following three questions by no later than 18 July:
1. Which prominent British cultural institution has assisted ONDATROPICA from its beginnings?
2. Name two of the great musical talents that will be performing alongside Mario Galeano and Will Holland on 20 July 2012.
3. Which is the Prom number in which BBC Radio 3 World Routes Academy mentee Jose Hernando Arias and his mentor Egidio Cuadrado will perform on the BBC Proms 2012?
The winner will be announced at the end of that same day via email and through our website (on this very page). We do hope you participate in the competition and good luck to everyone!  We hope you will continue to enjoy our events and cultural activities.
See you on 20 July at the Hackney Empire,
The Colombiage & Sabor Team