It’s been a while since we’ve sent out an update but meanwhile things haven’t been standing still at Sabor. As always we’ve been working on new recipes in the kitchen, so that our menus can continually evolve. Our empanadas have always been popular, but now we offer a selection of three as a single starter: in addition to the traditional Antioqueña from Colombia, filled with beef and potato, we include a Caribbean version, cornmeal stuffed with mixed seafood, and a Bolivian salteña, a wheat patty stuffed with queso campesino, cheddar, mozzarella and smoked paprika. All accompanied by aji, a fresh relish of tomato, onion and jalapeño chilli.
A lot of our new dishes are inspired by the prospect of warmer weather, and this includes our pescado cartagenero, a delicious pan-fried fillet of sea bass served with arroz verde – coriander-infused rice and peas – and coconut milk tomato sauce. If you prefer stronger flavours however, our rabbit with chocolate sauce is making a come-back… To round off a meal you might enjoy our lulo parfait – lulo is also known as naranjilla in Ecuador, or ‘little orange’. It has a sharp but fruity flavour somewhat like gooseberry, and we serve it with brevas colombianas, ripe green figs preserved in syrup. We think you’ll like it!
Happy Hour
Cocktails are an important part of a good latin night out, and at Sabor we have always offered the latin classics (margarita, caipirinha, mojito, etc) as well as our own creations using some of the fruits which are unique to Latin America such us lulo and mora. To welcome the summer, starting immediately, we are having a happy hour every day from 5.00 – 7.00pm when you can get two cocktails for the price of one.
New Wine
The wines of Chile and Argentina are as bold and flavorful as the Latin food, but also these days increasingly complex and elegant. We had a massive tasting of new wines from all of our suppliers last month – it’s a tough job but someone has to do it – and we’ve revamped our list considerably as a result.
To take just one example we have added a new Torrentes from Bodegas Colome. Torrentes is the white variety unique to Argentina, typically it has fresh aromas of grapefruit, roses and apricot, really good for a warm summer’s evening. We also added some wines from Michel Rolland, possibly the best-known winemaker on the planet, who is producing tremendous wines out of Mendoza, Argentina. A stunning example on our list is the 2004 Val de Flores Malbec – complex on the nose with a great balance of jammy red fruit, floral peppery notes and mild spice. Who said South America doesn’t produce great wine?
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